University of British Columbia, Ph.D.
McMaster University, BA (Hons.), MA

I have a PhD in English from the University of British Columbia, with specialization in nineteenth-century American literature and culture, gendered rhetoric and authorship, as well as poetry and poetics. My research is informed by feminist methodologies, archival research practices, and digital humanities. I am working on a book based on my dissertation, Emily Dickinson, Material Rhetoric, and the Ethos of Nineteenth-Century American Women’s Poetry, which reveals how the ethos of women’s poetry, as it was negotiated through the material rhetoric of mid-nineteenth century American periodicals, shaped Emily Dickinson’s understanding and representation of herself as a poet. I also have another project on the horizon, tentatively titled, “Lady Editor: Women Editing Literature in the American Dailies, 1830-1870,” which investigates the existence and rhetoric of women’s editorial work at daily newspapers during the first 40 years (1830-1870) of their presence in newsrooms. My work has appeared in the Emily Dickinson Journal and American Periodicals. I currently serve on the Board of Directors for Canadian Women in the Literary Arts (CWILA), an inclusive national literary organization that has, since 2011, tracked the gender gap in Canadian review culture through an annual Count of book reviews.