You may phone or e-mail an advisor to set up an appointment outside his or her regularly scheduled advising hours. Call first before meeting your advisor to ensure he/she will be available when you visit.

As of  July 2017

Prof. Elizabeth Hodgson Assoc. Head (Undergraduate)
Honours Chair
BuTo 505 604-822-5101 Monday 2:00 – 4:00 pm  or by appointment.
Not available June 14-July 14
Prof. Marlene Briggs BuTo 418 604-822-4088 By email
Prof. Ian Hill BuTo 524 604-822-4091 By email and by appointment
Prof. Nicholas Hudson BuTo 618 604-822-4084 By appointment
Prof. Judith Paltin BuTo  623 604-822-4080 By appointment. Not available July 4-12 and August 8-20.
Prof. Michael Zeitlin BuTo 507 604-822-4018 By email and by appointment