Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory: Paper Speaking

UBC English Researchers: Margery Fee, Daniel Justice

The Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory is an online infrastructure project designed to enable unprecedented avenues for studying the words that most move people in and about Canada. CWRC involves more than one hundred scholars from across Canada, with the aim of engaging the Canadian writing research community at large and researchers worldwide, as both contributors and users, in the task of devising new tools and methods of scholarship to meet the digital turn.

The project, “Paper Speaking Indigenous Publication in Northern North America from the Beginning to 1992” is a bibliography and textbase intended to help scholars, teachers, students, and Indigenous community members to find published works of literature, history, ethnography, autobiography and the like by Indigenous authors. This project will include authors writing in English or translated into English who were born in Canada or who are closely connected to Canada by virtue of citizenship, membership in a “cross-border” community, or residence.