Disrupting Power: Women’s Fiction

Hosted by Anne Simpson, Writer in Residence at Green College
Coach House, Green College, UBC

Thursday, October 12, 5-6:30 pm

Panelists: Carleigh Baker, fiction writer; Lydia Kwa, fiction writer; Laura Moss, English, UBC; Nasreen Pejvack, fiction writer

The twentieth-century rallying cry – “the personal is political” – empowered women activists and writers alike. Now, with an enlarged sphere of engagement, women writers approach the political in compelling ways that show how they might be denied power, how they circumvent it, and how they disrupt and resist it. What are they up against? What are they telling us? A new wave of fiction reveals how they are envisioning not just individual lives, but communities and countries, as well as the way history has been given to us. More than ever before, women fiction writers are investigating where they stand.

This is presented by the Green College Writer in Residence: The Arts of Living Now series