UBC Colloquium 2017 – Lines of Flight: Improvisation, Hope and Refuge

Coastal Jazz and the IICSI are hosting the two-day colloquium “Lines of Flight: Improvisation, Hope and Refuge”, at the University of British Columbia, Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, June 25.

Presentations from artists, performers, scholars and community members – including keynotes by musicians performing at the festival will examine the relationships between improvisation and the politics of hope.

In a world marked by social and cultural upheavals, what can the improvising arts contribute to hopeful forms of public mobilization? How do demonstrations, protests and marches build from spontaneity and spontaneity ? How do theatrical, musical and artistic practices of improvisation intervene the politics of belonging or of responsible citizenship? Does improvisation provide means of escape or means of hopeful transformation? How do the improvisational arts address the refugee crisis? Can improvisation shape forms of social justice? How might listeners and practitioners become what Dave and Iola Brubeck presciently called “Real Ambassadors”? How can music, as Jayne Cortez once put it, call you to fly home “when you didn’t have / a home to fly to”?

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