FAQs for Current Majors

As of 2019W, the English major will have a number of new requirements and feature several new courses and course numbers. If you declared the English Major before May 1, 2019, your progress will NOT be impeded by these changes. If you have any questions about the new program, please contact Nicole Roussos at english.undergraduate@ubc.ca.


Along with more than 30 brand-new courses that we are offering this year, many existing English courses have been renumbered starting in 2019W. When you look at our Courses page, you’ll be able to see the new number, along with the old one, BUT in the SSC only new course numbers will be visible, so plan ahead.

Yes—DN will recognize both old and new numbers in tallying credits toward your program requirements.

Not really—if you could have taken the course under the old number, you can take it under the new one. Because the content is different every year, you can take most of our courses up to two times, as long as the content is significantly different. Not sure? Check with Nicole Roussos at english.undergraduate@ubc.ca

No—just the course numbers are different. For students already in an ENGL program, the requirements will stay the same.

No! The new literature program requirements include ENGL 200 as three of your six 200-level credits for a literature Major or Minor. BUT if you have already taken ENGL 220, you can count that to meet the ENGL 200 requirement.

So, for those declaring a Major/Minor in 2019W, the second-year courses required for graduation are


ENGL 200 + 3 other 200-level credits


ENGL 220 + 3 other 200-level credits (IF you have completed ENGL 220 before Aug 31, 2019).

And yes, you can count both ENGL 200 and ENGL 220 if you want to—they are both fabulous!

No, you need only meet the requirements that were set out at the time you declared the major. If you are unsure what requirement a course meets, check the courses page (which features both old and new course numbers) or email Nicole Roussos at english.undergraduate@ubc.ca.

If you declared the major in 2019 Summer or earlier:

  • at least one course from each of Groups A, B, C, and D,
  • one course in Canadian literature (if you have not taken ENGL 222), and
  • one Majors seminar, ENGL 490, ideally in your graduating year.

Remaining credits can be chosen from ENGL 304-397.