Room Availability Calendars

Bookings for the following rooms are open only to current members of the the UBC Department of English and must be confirmed with our staff.  Contact (preferred) or 604-822-5127.

Terms of Use

  • The room must be left clean after your meeting, including the disposal of food, drink bottles, utensils and wiping the table(s) clean.
  • The room furniture and cables must be returned to its original configuration immediately following your meeting.

Please note:

  • Room 320 priority is given to the Dept Head; other bookings may be bumped (with notification)
  • Room 321 is a classroom and will not be available for ad hoc booking until classes are set for each term; priority is given to graduate seminars
  • Users must notify the department ( if a meeting is cancelled


BuTo 303 – small room (2 desks); no A/V equipment
Check BuTo 303 Availability

BuTo 320 – conference/meeting room (18 seats); multimedia display
Check BuTo 320 Availability

BuTo 323 – large presentation/room (60 seats); multimedia projection screen
Check BuTo 323 Availability