Teaching Arthurian Literature in the Texas Panhandle

Daniel Helbert (PhD 2016) has just accepted the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of English at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. Daniel’s new post is at a medium-sized public university (approx. 10,000 students) with a strong liberal arts tradition where Georgia O’Keefe was chair of the Art Department back in the day and where they have an official, collegiate rodeo team that fares quite well in national competitions. Daniel was hired as the department’s medievalist. In the coming semester, he will be teaching courses titled “King Arthur of the British” and ‘The Equestrian Warrior: From Knight to Cowboy”.

Daniel’s research, under the supervision of Professor Siân Echard, demonstrated the importance of legends about King Arthur to the medieval border between England and Wales. His research highlights the significance of this border community to the development of British culture and identity.