Language & Literature Emphasis

This Majors stream is for students who wish to study both English Language and English Literatures; it provides opportunities for students to take courses from the full range of Departmental offerings. Students planning careers in Education may find this stream especially appealing, but the stream is available to anyone with interests in the major sub-disciplines within English Studies. Like students in the other Majors streams, students in the Combined Major are required to take 30 credits of senior English courses. Note that there is no difference in level between 300- and 400-numbered English courses.

In their second year, students wishing to declare the combined specialization must take ENGL 220 and ENGL 229. Following are the required senior courses for this Major.

  • History and Theory of Rhetoric: Classical Rhetoric and Contemporary Persuasion (ENGL 310) or History and Theory of Rhetoric: The Later Theory (ENGL 311)
  • Structure of Modern English: Sounds and Words (ENGL 330)
  • Structure of Modern English: Sentences and Their Uses (ENGL 331)

  • One course in Literature before 1900 (ENGL 343-369)
  • One course in Literature after 1900 (ENGL 462-480)

  • Two courses selected from all other Language courses (ENGL 307-331 and 340)
  • Two courses selected from all other Literature courses (ENGL 332 and 343-480)

  • One Majors seminar: either the Language Seminar (ENGL 489) or the Literature Seminar (ENGL 490)

Courses outside the Department of English may not be counted towards requirements for the Combined Specialization in Language and Literature. For full information on requirements for your Arts degree, see