Double Major

The Faculty of Arts permits students to fulfil the majors requirements of two departments in the Faculty by completing a thirty-credit major in each department. If you choose to pursue a double major, then you will take a minimum of 60 credits in the last two years of undergraduate work: 30 credits in English, 30 credits in the other department. You also need to secure permission from departmental advisors in English and in the other department.

The Faculty of Arts allows students to “double count” (i.e., count one course to fill program requirements in both areas of specialization) up to 9 credits, but the required number of credits in both majors must still be completed. The Department of English allows only 6 credits outside the department to be credited towards the B.A.

Sample English-History Double Major

First year:
6 credits of first-year English and 6 credits of History 100-299 (or Arts I or Coordinated Arts Program for 18 credits first-year Arts credit); French or a foreign language; Science; elective (unless Arts I is chosen).

Second year:
6 credits of 200-level ENGL: ENGL 220 and one of 221-224, 230 for Literature; ENGL 229 and one of 220-228, or 230 for Language; 6 credits of History (100-299); electives.

Third year:
15 credits of senior English; 15 credits of senior History.

Fourth year:
15 credits of senior English; 15 credits of senior History.

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