For Transfer Students

Transferring within British Columbia

You may apply to major in English at UBC once you have completed at least 54 credits of coursework (at least 18 half-year courses), including 6 credits of first-year English (two half-year courses) and 6 credits of second-year English (two half-year courses).

All prospective English majors applying from another B.C. post-secondary institution should plan their coursework to include 6 credits of first-year English.

Prospective literature majors should take courses equivalent to English 220 AND one of English 221, 222, 223, 224 or 230.

Prospective language majors should take courses equivalent to English 229 (where available) and one of English 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, or 230. If you are transferring from an institution that does not offer an equivalent course to English 229, you will be required to take English 229 before applying to the majors program in English.

Students applying after completing more than two years of coursework at another B.C. post-secondary institution should follow the guidelines above and should seek the guidance of a majors advisor before registering for upper-level courses at UBC.

You can find information about course equivalents at other B.C. post-secondary institutions in the B.C. Transfer Guide.

Transferring from Outside British Columbia

If you are applying to UBC from a university or college outside B.C., your transcripts will be assessed by the UBC admissions office at the time of application and course equivalents will be assigned where possible. We encourage you to meet all program prerequisites before applying to the English majors program. In exceptional cases, we may consider applications from transfer students who are missing one course prerequisite. Please consult an advisor before applying.