First-Year English Courses and the English Minor Program

Any six credits of the first-year courses listed below provide viable pathways to the English Major, Minor and Honours.

Students who are considering a Minor in English are encouraged to choose English 100, plus one 3-credit course from the list below. Completing the Arts One program or the Coordinated Arts Program will also meet the first-year English requirement for the English Minor.

English 100 (3 credits) provides a writing-intensive introduction to the discipline of literary studies through the exploration of texts in their critical and theoretical contexts.

English 110 (3 credits) focusses on a selection of literary texts: poetry, fiction, and drama.

English 111 (3 credits) studies a number of non-fictional prose texts.

English 112 (3 credits) introduces students to university-level discourse through writing assignments and the study of prose texts.

English 120 (3 credits) offers enriched study of literary works for students who have excelled in high school English.

English 121 (3 credits) explores various theories of literature with students who have excelled in high school English.

English 140 (Linguistics 140) (3 credits)  is a critical consideration of a broad range of commonly held beliefs about language and its relation to the brain and cognition, learning, society, change and evolution.

Note that ENGL 140 is an elective course that does not count toward UBC Communications or Writing Requirements, or toward the Faculty of Arts Literature Requirement. However, students interested in Language theory, or who are thinking about the English Language major are encouraged to take this course.

Please note that ASTU 150/ WRDS 150 is equivalent to ENGL 100, so students who take ASTU 150/ WRDS 150 plus one of ENGL 110, 111, 120 or 121 are welcome to declare the English Minor.

Students who receive UBC English credit for Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) programs may count those credits toward the first-year English requirement for the Major. Students with 6 AP or IB credits are eligible to take 200-level English courses; if you need help registering, contact the Undergraduate Programs Office (

Students who have received transfer credits for first-year English courses may count those credits toward the first-year English requirement for the Major, Minor and Honours.


Second-Year English Courses and the Minor Program

Once you have completed the six-credit First Year English requirement (or equivalent), you will be ready to begin the pathway to the minor in English by completing a minimum of 6 credits from the 200 series of English courses. The courses offered at the 200 level are valued at 3 credits, and, depending on your plan to minor in English literature or English language studies, you will be expected to complete certain core courses from the series (as described below).

The courses in the 200 Series (all courses are 3 credits):

ENGL 220 – Literature in English to the 18th Century

ENGL 221 – Literature in Britain: the 18th Century to the Present

ENGL 222 – Literature in Canada

ENGL 223 – Literature in the United States

ENGL 224 – World Literature in English

ENGL 225 – Poetry

ENGL 226 – Drama

ENGL 227 – Prose Fiction

ENGL 228 – Topics in Literary and/ or Cultural Studies

ENGL 229 – Topics in the Study of Language and/ or Rhetoric

ENGL 230 – Biblical and Classical Backgrounds in English literature

ENGL 231 – Introduction to Indigenous Literatures

ENGL 232 – Approaches to Media Studies


The Core Courses for the English Minor

The chart that follows shows the core course requirements at the 200-level for each of the following: the minor in English literature, and the minor in English language.


Core Course Requirements

Minimum Average Mark

Minor in English literature 6 credits from ENGL 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 230, 231 (ENGL 220 recommended) No minimum average required
Minor in English language 6 credits from ENGL 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 231 (ENGL 229 recommended) No minimum average required


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