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A 4th year Arts student Aaron Obedkoff interviews one of his favourite UBC professors. “Dr. Richard Cavell is who we talk about when we talk about professors. He dresses sharply, speaks quickly, and laughs often. Both inside and outside of the classroom he’s affable and thoughtful….“

Beyond the Bard
How can an obscure play written in the late 1500s make a meaningful contribution to the cultural and artistic dialogue of present-day Vancouver? A recent partnership between Bard on the Beach and researchers from UBC’s Faculty of Arts holds the answer.

Congress 2019 | UBC
Are you ready for Congress 2019? Between June 1 – 7 UBC will host the 2019 Congress of the Humanities and Social Science, the largest academic conference in Canada. Visit Congress 2019 to learn about the events and opportunities.

As Canada's biggest annual interdisciplinary gathering Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences — hosted at UBC from June 1-7 — is just around the corner, we catch up with Academic Convenor Laura Moss.

Congratulations to Rebecca Sheppard, PhD candidate in English Language & Literatures on winning the Killam Graduate Teaching Award!

"Emma Gonzalez", "Kimura Komako", "Ruth Bader Ginsburg" marching in parade from Buchanan Tower to the Life Building

The Department of English Language & Literatures is delighted that Professor Emeritus William H. New, OC is among those being bestowed with an honorary from UBC. UBC’s honorary degrees are intended to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to society provincially, nationally and/or internationally. “William H. New is an internationally recognized literary critic, editor, […]

The End of the LPI
The Department of English Language and Literatures is happy to announce that UBC Senate has just approved our request to eliminate the Language Proficiency Index (LPI) Requirement. [...]