The Department of English at UBC offers a wide range of exciting courses that will interest students from across campus. Our first-year courses in literature and writing have been specially designed to appeal to students from all faculties who need to meet specific requirements or who are in the process of discovering and selecting their majors. We offer many courses in language history, grammar, and rhetoric that are geared toward both students in our language program and students who want to learn more about the way the English language works and its speech and rhetoric operate. Our literature courses for second-year, majors, honours, and graduate students cover all of the historical periods from the Middle Ages to the present, national and trans-national cultures, theoretical approaches and literary genres, and a wide range of crucially important topics such as gender and sexuality, politics and war, the economy and colonialism, and space and the environment.

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To find full descriptions of all courses currently open to registration click on one of the course areas listed in the menu and then click on the title of the course.  English majors, honours, and graduate students, as well as students taking English courses to fulfill requirements or to pursue interests are encouraged to read through these descriptions and make informed decisions about the courses they want to take. Please note that multiple sections with the same course numbers will not necessarily have the same content; also, the content of our various course offerings frequently change. Students are permitted to take the same course up to 4 times (for up to 12 credits) as long as that course has different content. Calendar titles for all courses (as listed in the SISC) can be found within the course description. If you have specific questions about our courses, please follow the links provided in descriptions or contact the instructor.