When our rooms are not booked for classes, the Department of English Language and Literatures offers meeting rooms as a space for meetings and events.

Bookings for the following rooms are open only to current faculty and graduate students of the UBC Department of English Language and Literatures. Bookings must be confirmed with our staff.

  • Our rooms are available during our hours of operation (Mon to Fri, 8am - 4pm).
  • The booking time should include setup and cleanup.
  • The event organizers are responsible for setting up and cleaning up as the department does not offer any staff help on setting up or cleaning up for your event; however please see our office if any issues come up during your booking.
  • Room 320 priority is given to Dept Head; other bookings may be bumped
  • Room 321 will not be available for ad hoc bookings until classes have been set for each term; priority is given to ENGL seminars
  • Users are asked to notify the department (english.reception[at]ubc.ca) if a meeting is cancelled
  • The room must be left clean after your event, including the disposal of food, drink bottles, utensils and wiping the table(s) clean.
  • The room furniture and all cables must be returned to their original configuration immediately following your event.
  • The room doors must be closed and locked at the end of your event.
  • All signs put up for your event (on entrance doors, etc) must be removed immediately following your event.

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