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Directed Reading

As an English graduate student, you can create your own unique learning experience through the ENGL 547 Directed Reading course.

Directed reading is a course of study undertaken by an individual student with an instructor. It is usually taken for three credits, though six credit directed readings may also be approved.

If you wish to apply for directed reading, you should consult with your advisor and then work with your proposed supervisor to prepare an outline of the proposed course. This outline should include:

  • Brief rationale for the course
  • Bibliography
  • Meeting schedule
  • Proposed assignments

Once completed, submit the outline with your supervisor’s signature to the graduate office by the second Friday of the term in which you will take the course. Forms are available in the graduate office, and we will not accept late applications.

The Graduate Committee approves English 547 courses only if the student can establish that UBC is not offering a course in that area during the current academic year and if Directed Reading is essential to the student’s academic development.

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