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Graduate Committee: July 1st to June 30th

Adam Frank
Suzy Anger
Stefan Dollinger
Bo Earle
Stephen Guy-Bray
Dallas Hunt
Christine Kim
Judith Paltin
Robert Rouse
Jeff Severs
Danielle Wong
Derek Woods

Reed Clements (PhD)
Kelsey Moskal (PhD)
Joyce Oh (MA)

Departmental and University Procedures

Under exceptional circumstances, the Graduate Committee may recommend applications for extension beyond the student's entitlement (five years for the MA, six years for the PhD) for up to one year. Such an extension requires the Graduate Committee's recommendation and approval of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. At least three months before entitlement expires, the student should submit a formal letter of application for an extension to the Graduate Committee. The Supervisor must also submit a report justifying the need for such an extension.

The Graduate Committee and the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies may grant on-leave status to graduate students who find it necessary to interrupt their graduate studies.

A student may be on leave for four-month periods for a total of no more than 12 months in a master's or 24 months in a doctoral program. The time spent cannot be used for work towards completion of the degree and will not be counted as part of the period allowed for completion of the degree program.

Students on leave from the program will be assessed an on-leave fee ($118.32 for Canadians per term; $349.73 for international students per term).

Students may also apply for up to one year of parental leave (per child).

Students must complete first-term three-credit graduate courses in the winter session no later than December 31st. Students must complete second-term three-credit courses and winter session six-credit courses no later than April 30th. Students must complete summer courses no later than August 31st.

"SD" grades must be completed by the end of the term following the assignment of the grade.

Students are advised that failure to complete work in graduate seminars by the stated deadlines may jeopardize their chances for consideration for financial support and may lead to a request that a student withdraws from the program.

Supplemental examinations are not granted to students registered in a graduate program.

Students who wish to appeal a final course mark should follow the procedure for Reviews of Assigned Standing set out in the UBC Calendar.

An appeal of the decision of an examination committee should observe the following procedure:

Students should submit a formal letter detailing the grounds for appeal to the Graduate Committee, which will serve as the first appeal committee.

If not satisfied with the result of this appeal, a student may then submit the case to the Department's Head and subsequently to the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

The equity committee is an independent departmental committee consisting of four faculty members, a graduate student representative, and an undergraduate student representative. Individually or collectively, members of the equity committee are available to consult with students concerning matters of discrimination or harassment. All meetings are confidential. The equity committee serves when necessary as a liaison between the English department and the UBC Equity Office.

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