Fairclough Teaching Prize, 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Gisèle Baxter on being awarded this year’s Ian Fairclough Teaching Prize. This is Gisèle’s second award; her first was in 2003.

The Ian Fairclough Teaching Prize is awarded annually to a sessional lecturer in the Department of English Language and Literatures. The Prize was established in 1996 by family, friends and colleagues as a memorial to Ian W. Fairclough (1951-1995), who obtained his BA (Hons.) and MA in the Department of English, and taught as a sessional lecturer for a number of years both in the Department of English and in the UBC Writing Centre.

Gisèle has had a longstanding commitment to a pedagogy that embraces connectivity and digital media. She demonstrates this commitment with thoughtful attention to the possibilities and the pitfalls of the online world. Students recognize this, calling her “tech-savy” and in touch with student interest in e-learning.

In their comments on her teaching, Gisèle’s students also regularly draw attention to her fairness and her compassion. “I felt she was never far out of reach” is a comment that appears in one form or another in many of her student surveys again drawing attention to the importance she places on connectivity. Students also note her rigorous attention to her subject matter and her high standards: “Her lectures are heavy in content”, one student writes, “but if we pay attention we will learn something new from each lecture.”

A virtual reception which will include the Fairclough family will be held to celebrate this honour.

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