Crip Negativity

J. Logan Smilges

U of Minnesota Press


Imagining anti-ableist liberation beyond the rubrics of access and inclusion

In the thirty years since the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law, the lives of disabled people have not improved nearly as much as activists and politicians had hoped. In Crip Negativity, J. Logan Smilges shows us what’s gone wrong and what we can do to fix it, imagining what horizons might exist for the liberation of those oppressed by ableism—beyond access and inclusion.

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About the Author

J. Logan Smilges

J. Logan Smilges is Assistant Professor in the Department of English Language and Literatures at UBC. Led by commitments to transfeminism and disability justice, they write and teach at the nexus of queer/trans disability studies, the history of medicine, and rhetorical studies. Their first book, Queer Silence: On Disability and Rhetorical Absence (University of Minnesota Press, 2022), attends to the interanimating absences of disability and silence from the field of queer studies. [More]

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