The History of English

and Alexander Bergs

De Gruyter Mouton


Comprehensive coverage of the history of English and of major varieties of English.

This new series occupies a middle ground between textbooks on the history of English, typically addressed to the undergraduate student, and handbooks on English historical linguistics, typically addressed to the scholar. The volumes would be suitable for use in an advanced (graduate) course as well by researchers in the field. They provide comprehensive coverage of the history of English, arranged by linguistic level and period, as well as current linguistic research into key questions and debates in English historical linguistics written by leading authorities. The first volume provides an overview of the history of English, the second to fourth volumes focus on the Old, Middle, and Early Modern English periods, and the fifth volume treats language variation from an historical perspective. More specialized topics not typically treated in textbooks (such as pragmatics, discourse, literary language, sociolinguistics) are included. Each volume is free standing and can be used on its own or in combination.

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About the Editors

Laurel Brinton is a specialist in the English Language, with a focus on the history of English. Her particular areas of interest include English historical linguistics, historical pragmatics (discourse markers), grammaticalization and lexicalization, phrasal verbs and composite predicates, corpus linguistics, and aspectual studies. She completed her PhD at the University of California, Berkeley, in English with a Linguistics Emphasis in 1981, and she has been working at UBC ever since.
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Alexander Bergs teaches at the Institute for English and American Studies of the University of Osnabrück, Germany, where he is a Full Professor and Chair of English Language and Linguistics.

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