The Written Questionnaire in Social Dialectology

John Benjamins Press


Methods of linguistic data collection are among the most central aspects in empirical linguistics. While written questionnaires have only played a minor role in the field of social dialectology, the study of regional and social variation, the last decade has seen a methodological revival. This book is the first monograph-length account on written questionnaires in more than 60 years. It reconnects – for the newcomer and the more seasoned empirical linguist alike–the older questionnaire tradition, last given serious treatment in the 1950s, with the more recent instantiations, reincarnations and new developments in an up-to-date, near-comprehensive account. A disciplinary history of the method sets the scene for a discussion of essential theoretical aspects in dialectology and sociolinguistics. The book is rounded off by a step-by-step practical guide – from study idea to data analysis and statistics – that includes hands-on sections on Excel and the statistical suite R for the novice.

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About the Author

Stefan Dollinger

Stefan Dollinger received his PhD at the University of Vienna, Austria, under the direction of Herbert Schendl and Nikolaus Ritt on the historical developed of English in 18th and 19th century Canada, exemplified by the modal auxiliary system (external examiner J. K. Chambers). His book was awarded the Austrian Young Researcher Award (ASCINA Award). My M.A. thesis (supervised by Nikolaus Ritt) deals with morphological change in Old and Middle English, which is interpreted in a framework of cultural evolution.

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