Courses 2019 – Curriculum Changes

Connected to the startup of more than 30 new courses starting in 2019W, many existing English courses have been renumbered. The table below shows all the undergraduate-level courses that we offer. Scroll down to see our full list of courses, new and existing; use the Search function to see if a course that you’ve taken before has been renumbered.


Number 2019W
Course NameCreditAny Change?
200Principles of Literary Studies3New
210Introduction to English Honours6No change
211Seminar for English Honours3No change
220Literature in English to the 18th century3No change
221Literature in Britain: the 18th century to the present3No change
222Literature in Canada3No change
223Literature in the United States3No change
224World Literature in English3No change
225Poetry3No change
226Drama3No change
227Prose Fiction3No change
228Topics in Literary and/or Cultural Studies3No change
229Topics in the Study of Language and/or Rhetoric3No change
231Introduction to Indigenous Literatures3No change
232Media Studies3No change
241Shakespeare Now3New
242Introduction to Children's and Young Adult Literature3New
243Speculative Fiction3New
244Environment and Literature3New
245Comics and Graphic Novels3New
246Literature and Film3New
247Television Studies3New
248Mystery and Detective Fiction3New
249Literary Nonfiction3New
301Technical Writing3No change
304Advanced Composition3No change
307Studies in Rhetoric3No change
308Theory & Appl. of Rhetorical Criticism3No change
309Rhetoric of Science3No change
310History and Theory of Rhetoric: Classical Rhetoric3No change
311History and Theory of Rhetoric: The Later Theory3No change
312Discourse and Society3No change
318History of the English Language I3No change
319History of the English Language II3No change
321English Grammar and Usage3No change
322Stylistics3No change
323Dialectal Variation3No change
324English Corpus Linguistics3New
326Studies in the English Language3No change
327Cognitive Approaches to the Study of Meaning3New
328Metaphor3No change
330The Structure of Modern English: Sounds and Words3No change
331The Structure of Modern English: Sentences and Their Uses3No change
332Approaches to Media History3No change
333History of the Book3was ENGL 419
334Literature and the Archive3No change
335Digital Humanities3No change
336Print Culture and Media Studies3No change
337Text and Image3No change
338Literature and Science3No change
339Trauma and Memory: Literature, Performance and Theory3No change
342Introduction to Old English3was ENGL 340
343Anglo-Saxon and Early Medieval Literature3No change
344Middle English Literature3No change
346Chaucer3No change
347Renaissance Literature3No change
348Shakespeare3No change
349Seventeenth-Century Literature3No change
350Milton3was ENGL 354
351Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature3was ENGL 357
353Eighteenth-Century Literature3was ENGL 358
355Romantic Literature3was ENGL 359
360Early Canadian Literature3New
361US Literature to 18903was ENGL 369
362Victorian Literature3No change
364Nineteenth-Century Literature3No change
365Modernist Literature3New
366Twentieth-Century Literature3was ENGL 464
368US Literature from 18903was ENGL 472
370Literatures and Cultures of Africa and/or the Middle East3New
371Asian Canadian and/or Asian Transnational Studies3was ENGL 480
372Canadian Literature3was ENGL 470
373Indigenous Literature3was ENGL 476
374Post-colonial Literature3was ENGL 478
375Global South Connections3New
377World Literature and Social Movements3New
378Contemporary Literature3was ENGL 474
379Migrations, Movements, and Transnational Networks in Literary and Cultural Production3New
380Theory: Meaning and Interpretation3was ENGL 409
381Theory: Signs, Codes and Representation3New
382Theory: Anti-/De-/Post-Colonization3New
384Theory: Space and Displacement3New
386Theory: Critique, Intervention, and Dissent3New
387Theory: Bodies3New
388Theory: Feminisms3New
390Life Writing3New
392Children's Literature3was ENGL 468
394Canadian Environmental Writing3was ENGL 458
395Studies in Poetry3was ENGL 402
396Studies in Drama3was ENGL 405
397Studies in Prose Fiction3was ENGL 406
399Co-operative Work Placement0No change
489Language Majors Seminar3No change
490Literature Majors Seminar3No change
491Senior Honours Seminar (Theory)3No change
492Senior Honours Seminar (Research)3No change
As of March 25, 2019