For Students in other Faculties and Graduate, Unclassified or Visiting Students

Taking English courses to meet your Faculty’s requirement

The Department of English Language & Literatures offers a variety of First-Year English courses. Each of these courses is worth 3 credits.


English 100Reading and Writing About Literature
Enlish 112Strategies for University Writing

** Students in the Faculty of Arts can meet the B.A. Writing Requirement by successfully completing ONE of ENGL 100, WRDS 150, Coordinated Arts Program (CAP), or the Arts One Program.


English 110 – Approaches to Literature
English 111 – Approaches to Non-Fictional Prose
English 120 – Literature and Criticism (enriched course with an entry requirement)
English 121 – Introduction to Literary Theory (enriched course with an entry requirement)


English 140 – Challenging Language Myths