For Students in the Faculty of Arts

Starting in 2019S, there will no longer be any pre-requisite to 100-level English courses.

If you are considering the possibility of taking an English Major, English Minor or English Honours at UBC, you will need to complete

three credits of first-year writing
three credits of first-year English literature

For students considering pursuing a Major, Minor or Honours degree in English at UBC, we recommend English 100, though, of course, students who take WRDS 150, the Coordinated Arts Program (CAP) or Arts One are also eligible and welcome to apply for an English Major, Minor, or Honours program.

If you intend to enter the Majors, Minors or Honours Program in English, you must complete one of English 110, 111 or 120 (see note) in addition to the three credits of writing.

NOTE: If you successfully complete Arts One or the Coordinated Arts Program*, you will have completed the six-credits of First Year English studies necessary to take 200-level English.

*Students who complete a CAP stream that gives credit for ASTU 101/ASTU 100B (3cr) will need to complete three additional First-Year English credits in order to qualify for Second-Year English courses.

 ENGL 112 (Strategies for University Writing) is open only to students OUTSIDE the Faculty of Arts. Arts students are blocked from registering in ENGL 112.
  • For detailed information on this year's sections of English 100  or for information on first-year English Literature courses click here.
  • For general information on Faculty of Arts graduation requirements, including the Writing and Research Requirement and the Literature Requirement click here.

For the literature requirement, students in the Faculty of Arts are required to complete 6 credits of literature.

The Department of English Language and Literatures offers a wide range of courses that can be used to meet the Arts Literature Requirement at the 100, 200, 300 and 400 levels.

Students begin with one first-year literature course. You can use only one first-year English literature course toward your Literature Requirement. You can choose from:

English 110 - Approaches to Literature
English 111 - Approaches to Non-Fictional Prose
English 120 - Literature and Criticism (enriched course with additional entry requirements)
English 121 - Introduction to Literary Theory (enriched course with additional entry requirements)

Year 1 standing students: Once you have taken 6 credits of first-year English (WRDS 150 or ASTU 100B count as 3 credits) or Arts One or ASTU 100A in CAP, you are eligible for any of our 200-level literature courses, which range from modern Canadian, American and World literatures to historical literary surveys and courses in fiction or poetry or drama.

Year 2 standing students: You are eligible to register for 200-level English courses with 3 credits of 100-level English or one of WRDS 150 or 350, ASTU 100 or 101, ARTS 001.)

See the list of current topics and courses at the 200 level.

Any 200-level English course will count toward your Arts Literature Requirement, except ENGL 229 (Language and Rhetoric).

If you need advising on choosing a 100-level literature course or to ask a question about eligibility, contact

If you need advising on choosing a 200-level literature course or to ask a question about eligibility, contact

We look forward to seeing you in English classes this year!