Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Starting in 2019S, there will no longer be any pre-requisite to 100-level English courses.

Starting in 2019S there will no longer be any pre-requisite to 100-level English courses.

  1. Inform yourself about your Faculty's Communication Requirement and find out which courses are required or recommended for your degree program.
  2. Check the sections and schedules for the first-year English courses being offered in the term(s) for which you are registering
  3. Register for your first-year English course(s) on your registration date. If you would like to register for 6 credits of first-year English in the Winter Session, be sure to register for one course in Term 1 and one course in Term 2. You are only permitted to register for one first-year English course per term.  In the event that you cannot register directly into a First-Year English course, please see Registration Suggestions.

Students with an AP English mark of 4 OR 5, a Higher-Level IB English mark of 5, 6, or 7, or an Advanced-Level English literature mark of "B" or "A" from the British system are eligible for advanced credit in first-year English. Advanced credit for AP, IB and British-system Advanced-level courses is assigned by Enrollment Services. For further inquiries, please contact the Admissions Office at 604-822-3014 or at AP, IB and British-system A-level credits are based upon final grades only; predicted grades cannot be considered.

For further information, please visit,279,0,0.

If you have completed six credits of First-Year English (WRDS 150 counts as 3 credits) and want to be placed into a Second-Year English course, please contact

First-year English courses generally follow the English Department Attendance Policy which states that attendance is expected, and that students who miss 40% of class hours may be barred from the final examination.

In addition, students who are reported to have missed the first three hours of their first-year English course (or another substantial block of class time) will be sent an Attendance letter by email; this letter is copied to the student's Faculty.

If you have been accepted to UBC and you have earned a previous degree at a North American university (where English is the language of instruction) but have not taken the equivalent of 6 credits of UBC first-year English coursework, you may be eligible to write the Exemption Examination. Proof of completion of a previous degree must be presented when the test is written.

Learn about the English Exemption Examination