ENGL 301-99C: Technical Writing – Erika Paterson

Technical Writing
Term 2
Distance Education

This section of ENGL 301 is offered through Distance Education.

English 301 involves the study of principles of written and online communications in business and professional contexts. This course includes discussions and practice in the preparation of abstracts, proposals, applications, reports, correspondence and online communications: emails, texts, Web Folio and professional networking.

English 301 is a dedicated intensive writing course offered in an online classroom environment. During the course, you will be expected to work in three ways: independently; in consultation with your instructor; and also collaboratively in writing. Writing assignments are due weekly, and some weeks have two assignments due. Peer review is a major element of this course, which means that timeliness is essential.

The course has these major purposes: to introduce the distinctive elements of writing in professional and technical contexts; to provide opportunities for practice and perfecting strategies and writing techniques; to engage with online discussion, peer review, and the production and analysis of documents produced for professional and technical contexts; to direct you to the considerable resources available through UBC’s Career Services unit; to develop and design an online Web Folio in two forms: a Linked in profile with accompanying references and a professionally designed website that also presents your resume; and finally, to encourage and assist with self-assessment and self-editing skills.

–Erika Paterson
The general description for this course can be found here.Tec