Online-by-Design Courses

The Department of English Language and Literatures offers an exciting selection of primarily asynchronous online courses, designed by outstanding and award-winning professors. 

Whatever life or career goals you have set your eyes on, a strong grasp of communications and writing skills will help you reach your full potential. With Online-by-Design courses offered by the Department of English Language and Literatures, you can do it on your own time.

Yes! There is no difference in credits earned in Online-by-Design courses and those earned in on-campus courses. They are open to all UBC students, regardless of faculty or program.

Absolutely. You can take one or two courses online, or several. They can count as electives or towards your program, whether it’s a Major, Minor or Honours program.

It’s even possible to fulfill the upper-level requirements for the Literature Minor or the Teacher Education Preparation Minor with all online courses, if that suits your learning and life best.

Online-by-Design courses at UBC have no scheduled timeslot. This means you can review the lectures and do the work when it suits you – just be sure to still submit your work to meet course deadlines. Online-by-Design courses fit your timetable, no matter how complex.


Online-by-Design courses offered during the 2023 Winter Session are listed below. See the full list of our course offerings for the 2023 Winter Session.

ENGL 301 – Technical Writing

ENGL 321 – English Grammar and Usage

ENGL 322 – Stylistics

ENGL 331 – The Structure of Modern English: Sentences and their Uses

ENGL 332 – Approaches to Media History – Media Ecologies, 1650 to the Present

ENGL 344 – Middle English Literature – Love and Honour: Medieval Chivalry and Courtly Love

ENGL 348 – Shakespeare – “Author’s pen” and “actor’s voice”: Shakespeare in Text and Performance

ENGL 364 – Nineteenth-Century Literature – A World of Shadows and Monsters: Imagining the Supernatural in Victorian Literature

ENGL 365 –  Modernist Literature –  Modernist Movements

ENGL 372  –  Canadian Literature –  Contested Territories

ENGL 377 – World Literature and Social Movements –  Coming of Age from the Margins: Youth, Migration, and Contemporary World Literature

ENGL 392 – Children’s Literature –  “Down the Rabbit Hole”: Child, Nation and British Fantasy Literature







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