University of Victoria, BA
Carleton University, MA
University of British Columbia, PhD

I study and teach Canadian and Indigenous literatures, often thinking through the historical entanglements and disentanglements of these fields of study. My research specializes in literary nationalisms, the politics of multiculturalism, and the relationship between public policy and literary arts in Canada, with broader interests that include settler colonial studies, diaspora, environmental humanities, pedagogy, and literary anthologies.

I received my BA from the University of Victoria, my MA from Carleton University, and my PhD in English Language and Literatures from the UBC. Since 2016 I have been Assistant Editor at the journal Canadian Literature, where I am currently focused on scholarship of teaching and learning in my role as editor of the journal’s CanLit Guides open-access educational resource. As a teacher, I aim to inspire enthusiasm for engaging with literary and cultural history in Canada, striving to facilitate and create spaces for dialogue that empower my students to articulate their voices in the critical conversations shaping our current locations.