University of South Africa, D.Litt. et Phil.

Ina Biermann has published in the field of stylistics on the linguistic analysis of poems and prose texts. She completed her M.A. degree in English language and literature at the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education (South Africa) and her D.Litt. et Phil. under the supervision of Geoffrey Leech (Lancaster University, UK), awarded by the University of South Africa. She wrote her dissertation on the function of sound repetition in the sonnets of Gerard Manley Hopkins. She has supervised and acted as examiner for master’s and doctoral theses in literary and linguistic stylistics at the University of South Africa and has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses on stylistics, English language, English literature and literary theory at universities in Canada and South Africa.


Stylistics, the interface between language and literature, remains the focus of interest in my teaching and research. I strongly believe that comprehensive linguistic analysis and description is the most reliable foundation for accurate interpretation and evaluation of any text. My current teaching at UBC includes an honours seminar on the linguistic analysis of poetry, undergraduate courses on stylistics and English language, both on campus and online, leaning towards blended teaching.

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