New York University, PhD
Yale University, BA

Dr. Pareles researches the mutual construction of species, sexual, and ethnic difference in medieval English religious literature. She is at work on two book projects. The first, Translating Purity: Jewish Law and the Making of Difference in Old English Literature, traces how the cultural translation of Jewish law structured Anglo-Saxon identity projects, bolstering human and Christian supremacy in Old English culture. The second, tentatively titled Time’s Others: Infant, Animal, and Jewish Temporalities in Medieval Christianity, explores the abjected, arrested, and pregnant temporalities that make medieval Christian futures possible. Dr. Pareles has held postdoctoral fellowships at New York University and Northwestern University. Her teaching interests include animal studies, Old and Middle English literature, translation, and Jewish-Christian relations. She is a member of the Oecologies collective.

Selected Recent Publications

“Already/Never: Jewish-Porcine Conversion in the Middle English Children of the Oven Miracle.” Philological Quarterly 98.3 (forthcoming in 2019).

“What the Raven Said to the Eagle: Animal Language and the Return of Loss in Beowulf.” In Daniel C. Remein and Erica Weaver, eds. Dating Beowulf: Studies in Intimacy. Manchester University Press, forthcoming in 2019.

“Jewish Heterosexuality, Queer Celibacy? Ælfric Translates the Old Testament Priesthood.” postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies 8 (2017): 292–306.

“Men as Meat: Exploiting Jewish Law in Ælfric’s Translation of Maccabees.” Exemplaria 27 (2015): 187-204.

“Giving Yiddish the Devil: How Missionary Translation Reckons with Demons in the Yiddish New Testament.” Literature and Theology 26 (2012): 144-59.