University of Toronto, MA
University of Vienna, MA, PhD

I received my PhD at the University of Vienna, Austria, under the direction of Herbert Schendl and Nikolaus Ritt on the historical development of English in 18th and 19th century Canada, exemplified by the modal auxiliary system (external examiner J. K. Chambers). This book was awarded the Austrian Young Researcher Award (ASCINA Award). My M.A. thesis (supervised by Nikolaus Ritt) deals with morphological change in Old and Middle English, which is interpreted in a framework of cultural evolution.

I studied for a year at the University of Toronto towards my M.A. and when working on my Ph.D. dissertation, I spent one year at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. After becoming a Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellow at UBC (SSHRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow), I was Assistant Professor of English (2009–14), and now Associate Professor of English at UBC (2014–). In the fall of 2015 I also joined GU’s SPL Department as Professor of English Linguistics. I have also worked in Germany, when I was Canadian Studies Guest Professor at the University of Kiel in 2012.


In his teaching, Stefan’s focuses on the connection of theory with practice and brings an authentic research experience even to the first year student. Working with real language material from actual situations and speakers is key in his teaching.

Teaching areas: all areas of sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, language variation and word meaning and lexicography, structure of English

Recent and Forthcoming Publications


  • Dollinger, Stefan. 2015. The Written Questionnaire in Social Dialectology: History, Theory, Practice. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins (IMPACT Series, 40), xviii+397 pp.


Historical dictionaries:

  • Dollinger, Stefan (chief editor) and Margery Fee (associate editor). Forthcoming [2016]. DCHP-2: The Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles, Second Edition. With the assistance of Alexandra Gaylie, Baillie Ford and Gabrielle Lim. Online dictionary. Vancouver & Gothenburg: University of British Columbia & University of Gothenburg.
  • Dollinger, Stefan (ed.-in-chief), Laurel J. Brinton and Margery Fee (eds). 2013. DCHP-1 Online: A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles Online. Based on Walter S. Avis et al. (1967). (Online dictionary) Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia.


Edited volumes:

  • World Englishes 31(4). 2012. Symposium Issue “On the Autonomy and Homogeneity in Canadian English”. Guest-edited by Stefan Dollinger and Sandra Clarke. Seven peer-reviewed papers.

Journal articles:

  • Dollinger, Stefan. Submitted. Googleology as Smart Lexicography: Big & Messy Data for better Regional Labels. 10300 words. Submitted for Dictionaries, Submitted 4 Dec. 2015.
  • Dollinger, Stefan. Forthc. Towards a pluricentric cross-border approach in English linguistics: the case of take up #9. World Englishes, accepted for publication 12 Sept. 2015, 11,500 words.
  • Dollinger, Stefan. 2015. Canadian English: a conservative variety? Zeitschrift für Kanada-Studien [Journal of Canadian Studies, Germany] 35: 25-44.
  • Dollinger, Stefan and Li Bing. 2014. Review of Norman, Jerry. 2013. A Comprehensive Manchu-English          Dictionary. With the assistance of Keith Dede and David Prager Branner. Cambridge, MA & London:   Harvard University Asia Center & Harvard University Press. Dictionaries 35: 392-97.

Book chapters:

  • Dollinger, Stefan. forthc. The Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles, Second Edition. The Routledge Handbook of Lexicography, ed. by Pedro A. Fuertes Olivera, London: Routledge & Taylor.
  • Dollinger, Stefan. forthc. “Dictionaries as a key to HEL: research-oriented approaches for larger lower-level classes” Teaching the History of the English Language, ed. by Colette Moore and Chris Palmer. MLA Options in Teaching Series.
  • Dollinger, Stefan. forthc. Approaching historical lexicography: on the split between philology and linguistics. In: Studies in the History of English VII, ed. by Don Chapman, Colette Moore and Miranda Wilcox Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. (9,000 words)
  • Dollinger, Stefan. forthc. English in Canada. In: Handbook of World Englishes, Second edition, ed. by Braj B. Kachru, Cecil L. Nelson, Zoya Proshina and Larry E. Smith. Malden, MA: Blackwell-Wiley.
  • Dollinger, Stefan. 2015. National dictionaries and cultural identity: insights from Austrian German and Canadian English. In: The Handbook of Lexicography, ed. by Philip Durkin, 590-603. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Dollinger, Stefan. 2015. Emerging standards in the colonies: variation and the Canadian letter writer. In: Letter Writing and Language Change, ed. by Anita Auer, Daniel Schreier and Richard J. Watts. (= Studies in English Language), 101-113. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

My research interests coalesce around historical linguistics, dialectology and sociolinguistics in English and German. Since 2006 I have, as chief editor of The Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles (DCHP-2), been heavily involved with lexicography. DCHP-2’s online context allowed me to hone my digital humanities skills, which have become central in much of my work. My overall motivation is driven by the exploration of patterns in language variation and change and by the integration of historical and present-day data and approaches. I have recently worked on methodological questions, including the application of written questionnaires to current research questions and contexts.

My research has been funded by grants and awards from Austrian sources (Ministry of Education, Academy of the Sciences, ASCINA), Canadian sources (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, UBC Faculty of Arts) and private sources (Nelson Education Ltd. Toronto). I am a consultant in linguistic matters (P212 New York on name branding). Public outreach and knowledge dissemination is important to me, as I am a media consultant on linguistic issues (e.g. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CTV Newsworld, Global TV BC, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun); I am giving public talks and lectures on various linguistic topics (e.g. on Global Englishes, Canadian English, the history of English, dictionary making, questions of language use) and I take an avid interest in language pedagogical questions.

I am on a number of boards, including the executive board of the Dictionary Society of North America, the editorial board of the journals DictionariesStudia Anglica Posnaniensia, and the Strathy Working Papers. I have served on the Editorial Board of American Speech (2010-12) and was elected Secretary of the International Society for the Linguistics of English (ISLE), serving the 2011-14 term.

Recently, I was organizing chair of the Ninth International Conference on Studies in the History of English (SHEL 2015) and the 20th Biennial Meeting of the Dictionary Society of North America (DSNA 2015).

Research Areas:

  • Border studies
  • Canadian English (all areas)
  • Old and Middle English morphology
  • Language change