Room Availability Calendars

** Due to Covid-19, our rooms are closed. **

Bookings for the following rooms are open only to current faculty and graduate students of the UBC Department of English Language & Literatures and must be confirmed with our staff.  Contact or 604-822-9824.

Terms of Use

  • The room must be left clean after your event, including the disposal of food, drink bottles, utensils and wiping the table(s) clean.
  • The room furniture and cables must be returned to their original configuration immediately following your event.

Please note:

  • Room 320 priority is given to the Department Head; other bookings may be bumped (with notification)
  • Rooms 321, 433 and 541 are seminar rooms. Ad hoc booking is possible only after seminars have been scheduled.
  • Users must notify the department ( when a meeting is cancelled

BuTo 320 – conference/meeting room (18 seats); multimedia display; camera & microphone; video conferencing possible
Check BuTo 320 Availability

BuTo 323 – large presentation/room (60 seats); multimedia projection screen
Check BuTo 323 Availability

BuTo 531 – Small meeting room (6 seats); multimedia display
Check BuTo 531 Availability