Major in English



co-op_profileThe Department offers three Majors streams: in English Literature, in English Language, and in a new combined program in Language and Literature. Each stream requires students to complete at least 30 credits of senior English courses in designated areas. Students in all streams are invited to apply to the Arts Co-op program.

The Literature program aims for coverage in literary studies, while providing opportunities for students to work in areas of individual interest. Students take at least three courses in periods before 1900, and most remaining credits are in areas of their choice. Other requirements include a course in Canadian Literature and, in the final year, ENGL 490, the Literature Majors Seminar.

The Language program covers history and structure of English as well as studies in rhetoric and discourse. The program requires students to take senior courses in history of the language (ENGL 318 and 319) and structure of modern English (ENGL 330 and 331). Remaining courses are chosen from four areas: history, structure, history and theory of rhetoric, and approaches to discourse. Students, in their final year, take ENGL 489, the Language Majors Seminar.

The combined Lanugage and Literature Program allows students to make selections from a menu of courses in both Literature and Language. Senior course requirements include ENGL 330 and 331, ENGL 310 (history and theory of rhetoric), one course in Literature before 1900, and one course in Literature after 1900. Requirements are completed with 6 additional credits in Literature, 6 additional credits in Language, and, in the final year, a Majors seminar—either ENGL 489 or ENGL 490. Note: The combined program is a pilot program, offered this year (2016-2017) for the first time; it does not currently appear on all university systems. Students wishing to declare this Major should speak to a Majors Advisor before planning their program of study. 

Note: As courses under general titles may vary in their specific descriptions from year to year, students should consult current course descriptions here.