Literature Emphasis

The courses open to Majors cover the full historical range of literature in English from the beginning to the present, as well as criticism, rhetoric, theory, bibliography, foreign-language classics in translation, and the English language.

The Major in Literature gives you the opportunity to custom-tailor a program that, to a large extent, reflects your own interests. You must take a minimum of 30 credits of English in courses numbered 304 or higher. Your specific program of studies will comprise a combination of 3- and 6-credit courses. Note that there is no difference in level between 300- and 400-numbered English courses.

To assure breadth and depth of study, you must select the following:

  • at least one course from each of Groups A, B, C, and D,
  • one course in Canadian literature (if you have not taken ENGL 222), and
  • one Majors seminar, ENGL 490, ideally in your graduating year.

Remaining credits can be chosen from Groups A through F with a maximum of 6 credits in Group F (ENGL 304-331 and ENGL 340). With the permission of an Advisor, up to 6 credits of literature courses outside the Department can be counted towards the Major.

Literature Emphasis Program

  • ENGL 343: Old English Literature
  • ENGL 344: Medieval Studies
  • ENGL 346: Chaucer and the Middle Ages
  • ENGL 347: Renaissance Studies
  • ENGL 348: Shakespeare and the Renaissance
  • ENGL 349: Seventeenth-Century Studies
  • ENGL 354: Milton and the Seventeenth-Century

  • ENGL 357: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Studies
  • ENGL 358: Studies in an Eighteenth-Century Genre
  • ENGL 359: Studies in Romanticism
  • ENGL 362: Studies in a Nineteenth-Century Genre
  • ENGL 364: Nineteenth-Century Studies
  • ENGL 369: Studies in American Literature to 1900

  • ENGL 332: Approaches to Media History
  • ENGL 402: Studies in Poetry
  • ENGL 405: Studies in Drama
  • ENGL 406: Studies in Prose Fiction
  • ENGL 407: Critical History of English Literature
  • ENGL 408: History of Criticism and Theory
  • ENGL 409: Modern Critical Theories
  • ENGL 412: Studies in Critical Theory
  • ENGL 417: The Literature of the Bible
  • ENGL 418: Studies in European Literature
  • ENGL 419: History of the Book

  • ENGL 462: Twentieth-Century British and Irish Studies
  • ENGL 464: Twentieth-Century Studies
  • ENGL 466: Studies in a Twentieth-Century Genre
  • ENGL 468: Children’s Literature
  • ENGL 470: Canadian Studies
  • ENGL 472: American Studies
  • ENGL 474: Studies in Contemporary Literature
  • ENGL 476: First Nations Studies
  • ENGL 478: Postcolonial Studies
  • ENGL 480: Asian Canadian and/or Asian Transnational Studies

  • ENGL 490: Majors Seminar* [Not offered in Summer Session]

    * Students may take only one Majors Seminar

  • ENGL 304-331 and ENGL 340