Trent University, BA Hons
University of Toronto, MA, PhD

I specialize in Renaissance poetry and queer theory. I have published three monographs (Homoerotic Space: The Poetics of Loss in Renaissance Literature, Loving in Verse: Poetic Influence as Erotic, and Against Reproduction: Where Renaissance Texts Come From) and numerous articles and book chapters, chiefly on Renaissance poetry in English, but also on plays and prose fiction from the Renaissance, as well as work in literature from the classical and medieval periods and the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and on literature in Ancient Greek, Latin, Old French, Middle English, and Italian. I am beginning to work on queerness and representation and on the representation of queerness, mainly in Renaissance poetry and painting, but with some forays into more recent times.

I welcome graduate students in Renaissance literature, especially poetry, in queer theory and gender studies more generally, and in poetics (of any period).

Selected Publications

  • “First thing we do, let’s kill all the children.” Forthcoming in Marlowe Studies.
  • “’Fellowships of Joy’: Angelic Union in Paradise Lost.” In Queer Milton, ed. David Orvis. Forthcoming from Palgrave. This is an expanded version of an article I published in 2014.
  • “Staging Adultery.” In Staged Normality in Shakespeare’s England, ed. Rory Loughnane and Edel Semple. Forthcoming from Palgrave.
  • “Love Loves.” In Minor Epics: The State of Play, ed. Lynn Enterline. Forthcoming from Bloomsbury.
  • “Shakespearean Sexualities.” In After Queer Literary Studies: Literary Theory and Critical Interpretation, ed. E.L. McCallum and Tyler Bradway. Forthcoming in 2018 from Cambridge University Press.
  • “Erotic and Devotional Verse.” In Political Turmoil: Early Modern British Literature in Transition, 1623-1660, Volume 2, ed. Stephen B. Dobranski. Forthcoming in 2018 from Cambridge University Press.
  • “Women and Literary Production.” In Women, Sex, and Gender in the Early Modern English Anglophone World, ed. Kimberley Anne Coles and Eve Keller. Forthcoming in 2017 from Ashgate.
  • “’Militat omnis amans’: Love as War in Renaissance Sonnets.” Forthcoming in 2017 in Textual Practice.
  • ‘Queer Studies.’ In Blackwell Companion to Renaissance Poetry, ed. Catherine Bates. Forthcoming in 2016 from Wiley-Blackwell.
  • “Queer Studies.” In Blackwell Companion to Renaissance Poetry, ed. Catherine Bates. Forthcoming in 2017 from Wiley-Blackwell.
  • “Locating Queerness in Cymbeline.” In Queer Shakespeare: Desire and Sexuality, ed. Goran Stanivuković. 123-36. London: Bloomsbury, 2017.