Minor in Literature

Like the Majors Program, the Minor in English allows students to specialize in either Literature or Language.

For both specializations, students must complete six credits of first-year English, Arts One, or the Coordinated Arts Program in their first year.

Students must complete six credits from ENGL 210 – 232 (ENGL 220 is recommended) in their second year. In their third and fourth years, they complete 18 credits of senior English (ENGL 343 or higher), at least 6 of which must be in Groups A (ENGL 343 – 354) and B (ENGL 357 – 369), and the other 12 from Groups A – D. Courses from Group F (Language courses ENGL 304-331 and ENGL 340) cannot be counted toward the Literature Minor.

Courses outside the English Department may not be counted towards either Minor.

Students may declare a Minor in English online. For an advising form, click here