Queen’s University, MA, PhD

I received my B.A from Wilfrid Laurier University and my M.A. and PhD from Queen’s University (1992). After a postdoctoral fellowship at UBC, I worked at Simon Fraser University until 2001, when I moved back to UBC. I write and teach in the following areas: post-1945 British literature, with emphasis on the Thatcher years; the relationship between print and film cultures, and image and text more generally, with focus on the status and function of screenplays as print texts; and the life and work of the British/Canadian writer Malcolm Lowry.

I welcome graduate students with research interests in the areas of post-1945 British literature and culture; the relationship between print and film cultures, or text and image more generally; and the life and work of Malcolm Lowry.

Winter 2018

ENGL110 Approaches to Literature Sections

Study of selected examples of poetry, fiction, and drama. Essays are required.

Winter 2018

ENGL246 Literature and Film Sections

Approaches to the study of the relationships between literature and film.

Winter 2018

ENGL474E Studies in Contemporary Literature - CONTEMPORARY LIT Sections

Please see the Department website for further information on topics offered in the current session.

Winter 2018

ENGL492A Senior Honours Seminar - SR HONORS SEMNR2 Sections

Offerings in literary research.

Selected Publications

  • Malcolm Lowry’s Poetics of Space: New Critical Essays. Ed. Richard J. Lane and Miguel Mota. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2016.
  • The 1940 Under the Volcano: A Critical Edition. Ed. Miguel Mota and Paul Tiessen. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2015.
  • “Malcolm Lowry’s ‘Lost’ Novel: From Paris Stories to Canadian Ashes to Archival Return.” In Translocated Modernisms. Ed. Marta Dvorak, Dean Irvine and Emily Ballantyne. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press. With P. Tiessen. Forthcoming.
  • “Greenaway’s Books: Peter Greenaway’s Published Screenplays.” Journal of Screenwriting 2.2 (2011): 227-246.
  • After Lowry. Documentary film. Writer and Director. 2010.
  • “Boys Will Be Hooligans: History and Masculine Communities in John King’s England Away.” Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction 50.1 (Spring 2009): 261-274.
  • Doing the Malcolm Lowry Walk. Soundscape Installation. The Malcolm Lowry Walk, Cates Park, Dollarton, North Vancouver. July 25th, 2009.
  • “Mike Leigh’s High Hopes: Troubling Home in Thatcher’s Britain.” Film Criticism 32.3 (Spring 2008): 24-40.
  • Derek Jarman’s Caravaggio: The Screenplay as Book.” Criticism: A Quarterly for Literature and the Arts 47.2 (Spring 2005): 177-213.
  • “What’s in a Name? The Case of jeanettewinterson.com.” Twentieth Century Literature 50.2 (Summer 2004): 192-206.

I am currently involved in the “Editing Modernism in Canada” project. The project’s mandate is primarily directed toward the production of critically edited texts by modernist Canadian authors. Website: http://editingmodernism.ca/